Friday, August 16, 2013

Joanne's Vitus Koffler

Now that I have the name of my fifth great grandfather, I would like to search for his birth record. We know that Johannes Koffler married Anna Gertrudis Hermes in 1783. Normally we would assume that the son was around 20 to 30 years old at the time unless it was his second marriage. So we would probably search for a birth ceretificate with in the following date range; 1750-1763. Needless to say I haven't found a birth ceretificate for Johannes Koffler within the above date range. I found a christening certificate for Joannes Vitus Kofler for 14 June 1696. That would make him 87 when his son, Johannes married. Also the church were he was christened is 282 miles away from Koblenz. Most likely this isn't the correct ceretificate for my Joannes Vitus Koffler. Especially when they say that Joannes Koffler "was an honorable young man" as described in the marriage record. The next step is to order the baptismal records for 1749 thru 1798 and then work my way backwards. Once I find Johannes baptismal record I can search for Joannes Vitus baptismal record. I have also ordered the Family Book for 1600 - 1670 and I will search to see if any Kofflers lived in Koblenz during this period of time. I have sent for two microfilms from Family Search that will be used to answer the above questions.

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