Monday, April 14, 2014

I never knew my Grandparents...

As far as I know this is a photograph of my father's parents or my grandparents on my paternal side. I know very little about my grandfather. Henry Joseph Koferl was born in 1866 and his wife Anna Maule was born in 1882. As far as I can tell they were never married because there are no marriage records for them. I do know that each of them were married previously and both of them had children from their first marriage. My father, Joseph Henry was born on November 16, 1915 and was the only child born from their relationship. They lived in New York City and my Grandfather was a jeweler by trade.

 They moved to Lindenhurst some time between 1910 and 1920. My Grandfather for a time managed two stores on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst. One of them was a cigar store and the other was a jewelers. My father as a small child use to crawl between the two stores through a passageway that existed in the stores. The passageway was accessed through the cabinets that ran along one wall in both stores. This is one of the precious stories that I have of my father's childhood.

Henry Joseph's father, Henry and mother, Amelia Fanrenthal resided in Brooklyn according to the 1870 census. At age 14 he was listed in the City Directory as a jeweler residing at 182 Johnson Avenue in Brooklyn. In 1892 he married Pauline Nieman, they had one son August Frank Koferl who was born in 1893. He died at the age of 56 in Lindenhurst, Long Island on November 5, 1923 after a short illness and was buried in Linden Hill Methodist Cemetery in Queens. My father said that he was fixing the roof of the house and fell. My Grandmother, Anna Maule lived in Babylon till her death on January 19, 1939.

Above are two maps of property in Lindenhurst. One specifically shows the Jewelers shop in Lindenhurst, thats the 1915 map or the top map.

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