Monday, April 28, 2014

A New Home

There was a time prior to the Great Depression when the Ohnmacht family was doing better financially. There were plans to buy a home. I think this was a photograph of the property that the family was considering purchasing. My Aunt Gertrude is seen standing in front of the for sale sign. The property was located at 15 Metropolitan Avenue, the town is unknown. These plans took place between 1920 to 1922. The house was only inhabited for approximately a year.

 My Uncle John had drowned in July 1921. His death certificate states that the family was living at the time at 2222 Eighth Avenue in New York City. At the time of John's birth they were living at 339 North 40th Street in New York City. Prior to that address they lived at 235 West 49th Street according to the 1900 Census. By 1910 Census they were living at 8th Avenue till sometime after John's death when they moved to the new house. The longest that they lived at anyone address was between 1910 and 1921 at the Eight Avenue address.

At the time of my Grandmother Ohnmacht's death the family lived at 130 Hawthorne in Brooklyn. Today I believe the house is still standing as seen in the photograph found below. My mother remembered a large porch but at the time she was seven and probably the porch seemed larger. There is another photograph taken around the same time of a porch with a group of my Aunt's friends. This very well could have been a picture of the original house and later replaced by brick homes.

To possibly solve the mystery I could send for the 1930's photograph of the Brooklyn address. This might show me what the house looked like prior to 2014. New York City Archives

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