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Gottlieb Fiederich Ohnmacht 1843

Matthaeus' brother Gottlieb Fiederich was born on August 24, 1843. He was the second oldest child born to Johann Ulrich and Elizabeth Katharina Ohnmacht and was my great grandfather. John Ulrich my great great grandfather worked as a woodcutter or lumberjack in Langenbrand. Around the time that Matthaeus and Gottlieb were born the country was going tharough a process of unification. This started at the end of the 18th century and continued till 1848. "Not until the Napoleonic conquests of the early 19th century was the old regime undermined and a comprehensive process of political modernisation set in motion." Reforms in the states of the French-occupied Confederation of the Rhine and a new awareness of the evident inferiority of the old order triggered reformist efforts in other German states, particularly in Prussia. At the same time, resistance against the French occupation contributed to the formation of a German nationalist movement, which not only sought the liberation of the French-occupied areas but also propagated demands for national unification and political self-determination. This was the end of the feudal state system in Germany.

Gottlieb married Anna Maria Rothfuss who was born in Oberlengenhardt on January 2, 1843. They got married in Langenbrand on Monday, March 29, 1869.

 The meaning of the name Rothfuss is as follows:
  1. German: from Middle High German rōt ‘red’ + vuoz ‘foot’, a nickname for someone who followed the fashion for shoes made from a type of fine reddish leather.
  2. according to another opinion a variant of Rotfuchs, from the Middle Low German form fos ‘fox’, a nickname for a clever person.

They had six children; Johann Friedrich b 1869, Gottlieb Fiedrich b 1871, Anna Maria b1873, Wilhelm b1879, Katharina b 1880, and Karl b 1885. Gottlieb Fiedrich died on April 29, 1899.

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